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- back in your hands

We are collaboratively trained lawyers and nationally accredited mediators with many years' experience dealing with people in crisis.
We take that training and experience with us into every new matter and wherever possible look for non-adversarial legal solutions outside of the court system.
We know there are stages to a family-law matter that most people go through. So we have broken that down into a 5-step process which makes it easier for you to navigate your separation and stay on track if things get tough.

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Your resolution pathway

Staying on track

Regardless of how your matter unfolds there is a path that all clients follow when resolving their family law matters. Of course there are some different side roads to take along the way and there are always some unknowns in family law matters. But sticking to the well-worn path will help you refocus when you need to and keep you on track for sorting things out with as little emotional and financial cost as possible. Our five-stage resolution pathway is the key to moving forward and staying on track as you navigate your way through.

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Humans first
Susan Hewitt
Susan has worked as a lawyer and journalist for almost 30 years. She is an Accredited Collaborative Lawyer and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner who is committed to helping families through their relationship breakdown in an honest, cooperative and respectful manner.

With three children of her own, Susan understands the impact family conflict can have on kids along with how tricky it can be to guide them through a family break-up.

One of the hardest things to learn in life is which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn.