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Your break-up,
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Decision making - back in your hands

Our five-stage resolution pathway lays out the steps for clients to follow. Alongside your individual settlement strategy we will then work to resolve your matter using the best form of negotiation and resolution for your circumstances.

Brightside Family Law and Mediation Services | Perth Our five stage pathway helps you to separate

5-stage resolution pathway

Regardless of how your matter unfolds most clients can follow our five-stage pathway.
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The first meeting

This is where we hear your story. It’s time to tell us what’s keeping you awake at night.
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The right mediation will go a long way in helping you explain where you stand or in understanding your ex’s position.
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How you handle things will have a big impact on the time, price and emotional cost of your matter.
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This is a client-driven, interest-based negotiation involving legal and non-legal advisors.
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Resolution packages

We don’t want you legal fees to be the thing keeping you up at night.
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