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If you and your ex are determined not to go to court but you are struggling to understand each other’s position on something, mediation can be invaluable.

There are now many mediation options available, ranging from low-fee government affiliated services through to former judges working as mediators.

Most people looking to resolve their matter expeditiously land somewhere in the middle.

Bright Side offers solution-focussed private mediations for people who are not already engaged in the court process. Mediations usually run for the best part of a day with the idea being that by the end of it, you and your ex will have reached an agreement that can be easily converted into court orders.

This is a chance for both of you to step away from the positions you may have become stuck in and listen to your ex. Your mediator is impartial and won’t give either of you legal advice, but they will make sure the mediation is an environment where all opinions can be expressed and all options for resolution canvassed.

Mediation can get hard but it’s also a chance to say the things that may not have come up in legal discussions. It’s time to get to the heart of what is stopping either of you coming to agreement and move forward. From there the mediator can work with both of you to generate settlement options, then canvas how those options could practically work.

There are a range of ways you can participate in a mediation. At Bright Side mediators are part of our collaborative team, so after you have had initial legal advice, you and your ex can go into your mediation with or without a lawyer. After you have come to an agreement, our lawyers can finalise all the legal paperwork for you to ensure your agreement is formalised as quickly as possible.

We offer a range of mediation packages based on how much legal help you need to sort things out. For more info or to make a booking click here.